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Due to the ongoing Coronavirus, all Fellowship Groups listed on this page have temporary ceased to run in physical meeting until further notice. All meetings have been moved on-line.


Manchester Chinese Christian Society (MCCS)

We come from the University of Manchester (UoM), Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM), Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and other different schools.

Among us are Chinese students, scholars and young Manchester City professionals from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and other places. There are undergraduates, masters, doctoral students and graduates.

We discuss faith. We also explore the mystery of life as well as the true meaning of love.

It is at here too we let more people know our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Bible Study Groups

Altrincham Bible Study Group 1

This is a family friendly Bible study group and we meet in two houses alternately every Friday. We worship, pray and study Bible together. We also encourage our children to have their own worship and Bible study. We experience family’s warmth and love each other.

Time: Every Friday 20:00 to 22:30
Location: Members’ House

Contacts: Jian Gao, Qingxin Yao

Altrincham Bible Study Group 2

More than 10 families who live in Altrincham and Sale are gathering every Friday evening to have a bible study (8pm to 10pm). Through bible study, we are getting to know the purpose of our life and the will of Jesus Christ upon our everyday life. Each summer, lots of outside activities and travelling are arranged, we will experience the abundance to live in Jesus Christ. New friends and families who want to know Christian life are welcomed to join us. We would like to share our Christian faith with you.

Time:  Every Friday 20:00 to 22:00
Location: Members’ House

Contact: Baoqiang Guo

Jireh Bible Study Group

Worsley Bible Study Group was founded in 2011. It was later renamed as Jireh Bible Study Group in November 2013. Our group gathers weekly at Pastor Yuping Qin’s house for Bible study. Currently we have 13 regular members in our group from Cheetham Hill Wholesale Area. Every week we start our Bible study by singing two different worship song. The sisters from our group take turns to provide refreshments.

Time: Every Thursday 20:00 to 22:00
Location: Members’ House

Contacts: Yaonan Pan, Haiqun Chen, Li Ding, Mengxing Xu

Brunswick Home Group

Brunswick Home Group

Our Brunswick Bible study Group is small with 6 to 7 members. Every member enjoys our fellowship on every Friday evening. Starting singing worship songs, we study Bible, share our thoughts, pray and gain strength in Christ. Welcome to join us and we would like to share God’s love with you!

Time: Every Friday 19:00 to 22:00
Location: Members’ House

Contact: Qi Zhe

Burnage Home Group

Burnage Home Group

This is a Mandarin Scholar Fellowship mainly for families. We normally meet and have our Bible study every week at brothers’/sisters’ houses.

Time: Every Friday 20:00 to 22:00
Location: Members’ House

Contact: Wenzhong Zhang

Fujian Fellowship

Fujian Fellowship

We meet every week at Cable Street Church Building. We have planned to study the New Testament through the year. We have dinner together on the last Monday of each month to enjoy fellowship and love in God and to do testimony. We have about 12 people each time. If children join during holiday time, it will be full of life!

Time: Every Monday 11:00 to 13:00
Location: Members Home

Contact: Jianfang

MUM Fellowship

MUM Fellowship

We meet every Sunday after Sunday Service. This gives a good opportunity for mums to have a place to relax and to share God’s words. The majority members of the fellowship are mums with young children.

Time: Every Sunday 16:00 to 17:00
Location: Brunswick Parish Church, Brunswick Street, Manchester M13 9TQ

Contact: Jianfang

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