Meet Our Team

Our Pastoral Team

Senior Pastor
Reverend Kim Lau

Kim Lau

Kim leads our church and the pastoral team.
He oversees the English Ministries and regularly preaches in the two English Congregations.

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Reverend Kenneth Kwok


Kenneth serves in the Cantonese Ministries, looking after the Whalley Range congregation. He is also involved in
the MCCC Advice Centre.

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Reverend Gary Wong

Gary Wong

Gary serves in the Cantonese Ministries, looking after the Cable Street
congregation. He is also engaged in
North Wales outreach ministry.

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Reverend Yuping Qin

Coming soon.

Elder Eric Keasberry

Eric Keasberry

Elder James Lay

James Lay

Elder Yeng Shiong Ang

Yeng Shiong

Assistant Minister Sandy Wong

Sandy serves in the Cantonese
Ministries and is currently a
Volunteer Assistant Minister.

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Assistant Minister Annee Jiang


Annee serves in the Mandarin Ministries. Her ministry is focused on prayer, teaching,
preaching and evangelism.

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